Seo Joong Logistics will be a leader multinational company based on Eurasia, Middle East and Africa combined transportation services in 2018 by merging with European, North American, and South American-based logistics companies.

President of SJ Logistics Group

Ryu, Jea Yup

Since 1992, Eurasia has become the leading logistics player in the continent, becoming one of the best in Korea and one of the foremost continental experts in Asia. We are going to be a global logistics company through the merger with various continental experts and company-wide cooperation. We will continue to challenge the world with meaningful young people by contributing to the national economy through challenging and transparent management.

Received the Bronze Tower Industrial Medal for
Logistics Day in 2017

As a leading player in the development of overseas logistics routes, Seojong Logistics has accomplished logistics projects related to land, air and rail transportation to Uzbekistan, Canada and Europe. In addition, the development of a maritime + TCR (China Transit Railway) multimodal transportation route linking Korea’s ports with China’s Kazakhstan and Europe led to the completion of the subsidy negotiations with the Chinese local government and the opening of the Eurasia Block Train.