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Shanghai Seojoong Int I Freight Agency Co.,Ltd (SSIFA)

KR : 상해 서중국제화운대리유한공사 (上海西中國際貨運代理有限公司)
EN : Shanghai Seojoong Int I Freight Agency Co.,Ltd (SSIFA)
A. Room No. 602B, BM Tower, #218 Wusong Road, Hongkouqu, Shanghai, China
T. +86-21-6306-8933 | F. +86-21-6306-8659

Main business

  • International railway transport from China to Central Asia and Mongolia
  • TSR transportation from Chian to Russia
  • Shanghai Import & Export, general cargo Transportation

Shanghai Railway Transit Characteristics

  • With long term partnerships with China Railway Department, providing rail service from China : TCR, TMGR and TSR
  • For any issues on customs clearance or container loading during the transportation will be resolved by logistics specialist quickly with more than 25years know-how.


  • 상해 사무실전경1
  • 상해 사무실전경2
  • 상해 박람회
  • 상해 SHA Lucahogang Station
  • 상해 YANGPU Station
  • 상해 남경 Station1
  • 상해 남경 Station2
  • 상해 남경 Station3