Air freight service

Strengths on air transportation

  • Accurate cargo tracking service
  • WORLDWIDE NETWORK (worldwide partnership and branch offices)
  • Differenciated services by holding our own branch offices in the CIS region
    (TAS, NVI, ALA, TSE, ASB, etc.)
  • 24 hour warehouse operation
  • Advanced Computation system
    •       *  Providing various information through website
    •       *  E-BOOKING / E-TRACING

Business system

Maintain close relationships with major airlines

  • We are a member company of IATA membership and regular regular meeting with KE, OZ, KC, HY, SU etc.
  • Secure air cargo space from&to CIS regions
  • Mutual cooperation for OFF-LOAD and PARTIAL prevention

Perfect Airport Operation System
24 HOUR operation service
Record and archive work contents
Prevention of loss and destruction of cargo
Carriage to each airline warehouse

Freighter Specifications (B777F)

Passenger Cargo Specifications (A330-300)

Shipping Precautions

General cargo restrictions

SIZE (unit: CM) Passenger aircraft:
300 X 240 X 160/3 TON (X X height X height) Freighter: 300 X 240 X

300/5 TON (X X height X height) OVER SIZE:
Warehouse charges Arrive at warehouse 72 hours before departure

Classification of special cargo

Hazardous paint, dry ice, battery, automobile, etc.
Live animal transport Dogs, cats, horses, turtles, bears, etc.
Drugs that require refrigeration of medicines, etc.

Useful information about Air transportation

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