Block train service to Europe

A block train is a chartered train that makes annual travel arrangements with the customer on a per-train basis and drives the train to its destination at the desired time. It is also referred to as customer-tailored train services, and it has the ability to connect Busan and other inland areas of the country with its container transportation service, and it can also be used for long-distance transport to Central Asia, Russia, and Europe through Siberia.

Introduction about Block Train Service

Strengths of Block Train Service

Point 1

RAILWAYS SERVICE due to strong partnership with China Railway Department and strong China Network & KTZ EXPRESS in Kazakhstan

Point 2


Point 3

Reduction of the loan collection period by the submittal through the rapid transport period and contribution to MARKET PORTION EXTENTION in Europe by increasing the SALES through it.

Block train route to Europe

Block train to Europe

We combine the shipments from Korea and China in Belarus and Poland borders and transport them all over Europe. We ship containers from Korea in Lianyungang by ocean and transport to Heurgoeus by rail.. Due to different raillway width between China and Kazakhstan., we tranship at Altinkol and dispatch to Belarus Brest which takes 20 days by rail.

Block train strategy

Train operator for shipments CHINA ↔ EUROPE
Intermodal rail shipments Europe ↔ CIS / Mongolia / China
Hub in Belarus can cover European countries and CIS- Countries
Container Stock Management and Supply in Europe, CIS, China
Repacking, light manufacturing, non-stop supply of transport equipment
All Handlings in Border-Terminals: Brest, Mala, Dostyk
End-to-End Custom Clearance
Hub Distribution by European Truck Network
Bonded Warehouses in China, Russia, Belarus and Europe
Containers, Pallets or Boxes cargo shipments can be dispatched (Door to Door)
Logistics consulting and conception from Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing and Suzhou
  • Logistics services within 1000 km radius within main hubs
  • Short-term supply of ISO container of all kinds in large quantities
  • Delivery of container by truck
  • Document management (customs and accompanying documents)
Synergies BIT-GER/RTSB
  • pre-/on-carriage in Europe
  • Shuttle trains from various European freight yards to Brest (lead time < 48hrs)
  • Transhipment in both private and railway-owned wagons in Brest
  • Europe-wide provision of ISO containers within 24 hours
  • Export declarations, preparation of EX-1, T-1, creation of SMGS/CIM
Transit operations via DOSTYK
  • Provision & supply of flat broad gauge wagons from own stock
    (Repositioning of wagons from Almaty to Dostyk/Alashankou) and transshipment
Transit operations via ERLIAN
  • Provision & supply of flat broad gauge wagons from own stock
    (Repositioning from Ulaanbaatar to Erlian/Zamyn-Uud) and transshipment
Belintertrans-Germany solution:
HUB Brest for international shipments with origin China
  • Diverse departure terminals in China (Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan)
  • Routing via Alashankou/Dostyk, Manzhouli/Zabaikalsk, Erenhot/Zamyn-Uude
  • Customs clearance in country of origin/destination
  • Supply of containers, document handling, door-to-door delivery
RUS/KZ/MN – Brest: Speed Train
  • Consistent transit time of 7 days
Transshipment in Brest:
  • 24 hours for regular trains
  • On-carriage to diverse destinations
Benefits HUB Brest  effective transport and logistics hub
Transit, transshipment and interchange services within the
freight corridor: South-East Asia – China – Central Asia and Europe
Connecting link:
  • EU and its regulations (i.e. CIM) ↔ Eurasian Customs Union and its regulations (SMGS) eastbound ↔ westbound railway-traffic
  • Normal gauge ↔ broad gauge wagons
  • most significant reloading and gauge conversion station in Europe
Overview of services and advantages:
  • Regular rail traffic with fixed departure times and forwarding options to
    all railway terminals in Europe, CIS and Middle East
The service package includes:
  • Consolidation of cargo in Brest, BY
  • Shunting services
  • Reconsignment to diverse places/countries of destination (CIS, EU,
    Central Asia, Caucasian region)
  • Multi-modal solutions to on-carriage to the final point of unloading
    (Link between rail, road and sea)
  • Handling of dangerous goods / temperature-controlled goods
  • Bonded warehouse services with bonded licenses with EU & Eurasian Union
  • Custom Clearance Services
 Strategic geographic position for shipments NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST

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