Container / Appliance Service

Features of
container services

  • Supplying competitive equipment through collaboration with world-class partners
  • Rigorous quality control by container specialist placement
  • Provided WORLD WIDE equipment solution based on stable cargo volume

1.Operate container deport and trade container at major sea ports

Seo Joong Logistics hold numerous contracts with container yards and terminals for cargo handling all over the world and provide professional international logistics service to customers with over 30yrs experienced know-how.
With broad network, Seo Joong Logistics can help customers to sell or buy container equipment wherever customer or cargo are located as well as transportation

Dry container 제원


Special container 제원

RatingsExternal DimensionsInternal DimensionsDoor openingCapacity
Tare weightPayloadMaximum Gross WeightLengthWidthHeightLengthWidthHeightWidthHeight
20'Open Top2,400 KG28,080 KG30,480 KG6,058mm2,438mm2,591mm5,900mm2,352mm2,366mm2,340mm2,280mm32.8 cbm
40'Open Top3,840 KG28,660 KG32,500 KG12,192mm2,438mm2,591mm12,025mm2,352mm2,360mm2,340mm2,280mm66.8 cbm
20'Flat Rack2,890 KG31,110 KG34,000 KG6,058mm2,438mm2,591mm5,638mm2,228mm2,233mm--30.5 cbm
40'Flat Rack4,600 KG40,400 KG45,000 KG12,192mm2,438mm2,591mm11,776mm2,230mm1,955mm--55.5 cbm

Understanding logistics container

We will explain the main parts of shipping containers in order to help all customers who use our logistics.

Equipment Status

We have about 15,000 TEU of our own containers around the world, and we are fully prepared to deliver our clients’ cargo safely and quickly in real time. No matter where your company’s cargo is located, the Western logistics device team is committed to providing the container and is also blocking the source of the problem with the deployment of professional personnel qualified to repair it.

Container Service Partners

Please contact the container / device team.