TCR China trans-railway 

TCR (Trans  China Railway): It is a railway line that connects from the north-east of China (Qingdao, Lianyungang, Rizhao, Shanghai) throguth the mainland of China to Urumqi, Alasanko, Horgos, China border and Dostyk, Altynkol, the border areas of Kazakhstan. Since 1999, aggressive cargo inducement of SJ logistics and endeavor of China / Kazakhstan / Uzbekistan Railway Authority have been committed to TCR development, and today’s TCR transportation has been settled.

Introduction to TCR SERVICE


    (Central Asian Railway Container Transportation Service)

    (Central Asia bulk cargo trucking service)

    (Excellent problem solving ability such as wagon departure and import clearance)


  • Heavy goods can be transported in containers (no weight limit per unit, ex. coil, mechanical equipment, etc.)
  • Fast transportation departured from China PORT, Lianyungang, Qingdao and Rizhao taking 5-6 days in China
  • Transhipment works at the border area due to different uses of the railway gauge, China – Narrowing railgauge and Central Asia CIS region – wide rail gauge

During transportation

  • Limitations on transportation and freight differences Applicable items: Dangerous goods, Non-ferrous metals, , coils, Batteries, Tires and Large machinery such as excavators
  • Please be cautious about imbalance during railway transportation (left and right tilting 5cm front and back more than 5ton
  • Please be cautious about imbalance during railway transportation (5cbm right and left inclination, more than 5ton in front and back)
  • HS CODE and EXPORT CONTOL LIST are required to be exported
  • Waiting time to dispatch is needed in China for single 20’FT because 20’FT shoulod be paired considering each weight for imbalance
  • X-RAY cargo inspection is mendetory when entering to Kazakhstan border from the Chinese border
    (Restricted items: military supplies and dangerous goods, used tires)

 Shipping logistics TCR transportation strength 

Strengths 1

Through a direct contract with the China Railway Authority (СRCT), we can provide the competitive and exclusive tariffs

Strengths 2

Through several of our branches in China, we can provide complexity and resolve problems during transit customs clearance (T / S) is at every borders and ports of China

Strengths 3

Through several of our branches in Central Asia, we can provide our specialized infrastructure of local customs clearance and warehouse storage system for customized service

Strengths 4

We can provide trucking service on SPECIAL CONTAINER such as RF container, OPEN-TOP, FLAT RACK and Express service for urgent cargo.

TCR transportation route

A place where only Seojoong can send Block train. Still has a schedule from Pyeongtae 3 times a week and only 1 day before arrival

As a starting point for the TCR transport route, Lianyungang is the shortest distance from port to the Chinese border. It has the fastest service to dispatch cargo (based on Khorgos and Al Sancho) and it is the ports of the demonstration for multimodal transportation of ocean and rail upto CIS, East Asia and Europe.

Tianjin Port
As the largest of the artificial ports in China since 1952, 115 regular routes have been opened and more than 60 carriers in operation.

TCR development process

Launched block train service to TCR Europe

06 Selection and Participation of Economic Delegations in Central Asia

01 TCR Block Train Seminar for Korea and Europe (Seoul)
04 TCR block train seminar held in Japan (Tokyo)
06 Started TCR block train service from Korea to Europe
11 Won the Day of Logistics

Block train departure from China TCR

01 The 6th TCR International Conference (Beijing)

09 Established Guangzhou corporation in China
12 China Lianyungang – Hergos Block Train Opening

05 Established Hugos in China
07 Commencement of customs clearance of China Hugos & Altinkol in Kazakhstan
10 Selection of KOTRA Advisory Board

Holding TCR Development International Conference

12 Organized by the 4th TCR Development International Conference (Lianyungang)

10 Organized by the 5th TCR Development International Conference (Urumqi)

10 Advisory Committee Member of Korea Railroad Corporation

10 Selected as a member of the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Direct contract transportation by China Railway Administration

02 Established Lianyungang Port, China
12 Signed contract with Kazakhstan Railway KTS agent

03 Organized by the 1st TCR Development Railway International Conference (Beijing)
05 Organized by the Second TCR Development International Railroad Administration (Seoul)
12 Third TCR Development National Railroad Administration (Tashkent)

SJ logistics own SOC container transportation

01 Seo Joong Logistics own container production (SJL SOC)
07 Established Almaty branch in Kazakhstan

04 Established branch office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
10 Participated in Lianyungang Silk Road International Conference
12 Participation of Beijing International Railway Transportation Association

The start of the 25 years history TCR transportation

08 Established West China Line in China

06 Establishment of Seojung Logistics Headquarters (Seoul)
09 Established Tianjin branch in China

History & Reference

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