TMGR Mongolian transit transportation

“TMGR service of SJ Logistics has been providing the best freight service ever since its foundation. We provide all kinds of freight forwarding solutions by railway, truck, airline, etc. via China and Russia. “


    Container rail freight service from China
    Dangerous goods via Russia, bulk transportation service

    Perform customs clearance of local importation in Mongolia

Service Characteristic

  • Railway and truck transportation to Mongolia via TIANJIN and QINHUANGDAO ports in China
  • Provide the most reliable and competitive transportation service through direct contract with China Railway Authority
  • Established Tianjin, Jammingwood (border), Ulaanbaatar corporation and branch office to solve problems 24 /7
  • Through experiences from various projects in Mongolia and a resident Korean manager in Mongolia, we can perfectly control the situation and solve problems with local companies
  • It is possible to transport Mongolia through Russia such as dangerous goods and heavy goods which are difficult to pass through China

Distribution logistics TMGR shipping strength

Local subsidiary operation

– Mongolian Railway Direct Contract Carrier
– Perform customs clearance directly

Operate border offices

– 24 hour standby
– Direct wagon pick-up and departure
– Border customs control enhancement

Managing own CY reserves in Mongolia

– Holding warehouse
– Self-loading equipment

TMGR transportation route

  • TMGR is a freight forwarding service to all regions of Mongolia through China and Russia. It is the representative transportation route in the west where the know-how of 25 years of logistics is accumulated.

TMGR Development Process

Transport experience in various Mongolia projects

1998 ~ 2002: Mongolia SKY-TELL ROAD & TELECOMMUNICATION Construction Project Transportation

2003: POSCO FLUOR SPAR project transportation in Mongolia

2011: Hyundai Heavy Industries HEAVY MACHINERY construction equipment for Mongolian mining
Mongolia Shangri-La Hotel construction project transportation

2013: Transportation of NUBIA new project in Mongolia

Beginning of TMGR transportation tradition

1992: Established West China Line in China

1995: Established Tianjin branch office in China

1998: Established Ulaanbaatar Corporation in Mongolia

Maniging CY and warehouse operation

Logistics in Mongolia CY and warehouse operation cost savings

Warehouse area
  • CY 5.160㎡
  • Indoor warehouse 1,206 ㎡
  • 20ton crane
  • 2.5 ton forklift
  • 1.5 ton truck

History & Reference

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