TSR container transportation

Heavy cargoes such as equipment and machinery are strictly regulated by the Russian National Railroad.
If it is more than 1.5 tons per package, or if it is dangerous, it is possible to leave the railway after the lashing operation according to Russian regulations.
The TSR must use the High Security Seal and be installed in the correct position (left bar on the right side of the container).

Introduction of TSR SERVICE

    Russia cargo express train, picture attachment 1
    Container transportation service into Russia/ Mongolia/ Central Asia via Russia
    Oversize break bulk cargo transportation

Characteristics of TSR service

  • As Railroad widths are same in Russia/Mongolia and Central Asia, no transloading is required at the border of each countries.
  • More flexibility on regulation of Dangerous cargo handling compare to Chinese route.
  • Max weight is up to 120mt

Strength of TSR transportation

Point 1

Logistics specialists are positioned at main transportation locations in Russia to provide real time

Point 2

customer service and solve any issues that may occur.

Point 3

Regular schedule for block train departure with competitive transit time to Russia and Central Asia

Point 4

Daily tracing report available

TSR transportation route


The most well-known port in Far East and there are Commercial port and Fishery port. Railroad is directly connected to sea port which is optimized transit environment for rail transportation.
Vladivostok terminal handle both general container and oversized bulk shipment.


Starting point of Siberian block train which is connected to European countries.
Largest container terminal in Far East Is located in Vostochny and the port provide high tech systemized operation for terminal handing.

Cautions for TSR transportation

TSR Container transportation

  • Strict restriction from Russia Railway on heavy cargo transit
  • If weight per package is over 1.5mt, additional lashing may be required according to Russia Railway regulation. Picture attachment 2
  • TSR requires High Security Seal as lock seal and it has to be located on left bar of right door

TSR bulk transportation

  • Dimension checking is required prior to shipping
  • Bulk in-guage size
Detailed cargo description must be submitted prior to booking, especially for heavy cargo
  • Degree of out guage
) Degree of out gauge 수준에 따라 요율이 변동됨

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